Places to visit around Castara

Sights and sounds to enjoy while in Castara

Internet Cafe

Located at the Naturalist Beach Resort is an internet cafe
available to all visitors from around the area, wireless available as well

The traditional baking bread in a local clay oven

A taste that will linger in your mouth and a memory that will last

This is done every Thursday and Saturday, many people visit early and book their orders of Bread,cakes,tarts,sweet bread

See the video about the bread baking at Castara... Here!

This is a very good view of what takes place in Castara each week, visitors welcome to place orders... Come early!

Sugar Mill Park

Local park located at the site of an abandoned sugar mill from the past

Plaque commerating the new library

A N R Robinson is a local son who became President of Trinidad and Tobago

Sign on the site of the new library

This facility will enable the children and people of the area an oppertunity to increase their knowlege